Can You Make Your Erection Bigger?

An erection occurs in only one way: when your penis is filled up with blood. The more blood flows into your penis, the bigger and harder your erection will be.

Unfortunately, the process of blood flow to the penis is not easily controlled, meaning you won’t have full control over the size and hardness of your erection.

bigger-erectionLuckily, there are a number of ways to ensure a healthy blood flow.

Eat healthy food

A healthy diet will make sure you experience a healthy sex life. Try to focus on foods that are good for the heart, as it is the organ responsible for pumping the blood around your body.

Foods known for being good for the heart include fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

Foods you may wish to avoid include those high in fat content, so put down those greasy fries and pick up some heart-healthy alternatives instead. You won’t regret it once you see the improvement in your sex life.

Keep stress at bay

Feelings of stress and anxiety been long associated with erectile dysfunction, so it’s no wonder your erections are not quite their best while you’re going through a difficult time.

keep-calm-and-have-sexCombatting stress can be difficult, but there are techniques you can use to relax as much as possible. Try deep breathing exercises, exercise, meditation or simply taking some time for yourself.

If your stress is severely affecting your quality of life, you may wish to see a therapist or health professional who may be able to advice on some effective coping methods. Once any stress in your life has been alleviated, you may find your healthy, hard erections return.

Become aroused

You may think this goes without saying, but you need to be properly aroused to achieve an optimum erection. It’s easy to get excited during sex, providing you are not suffering from a more severe form of erectile dysfunction.

Remain focused, concentrating on the exciting task at hand. Listen to your body and truly feel what’s happening. You’ll also benefit from staying relaxed, and trying not to panic if you notice your arousal reducing. It’s okay – it happens. It’s just a sign you may need to boost your blood flow.

in-loveLove your partner

You may think this sounds like something you’d hear in a romantic movie, but it’s true! The more you love your partner, the more aroused you’ll become.

Focus on your partner’s pleasure and listen to what they want. Be tentative, taking notice of which of your actions are the most pleasurable to them.

Essentially, the more you take care of yourself and ensure a healthy, loving relationship, the better your blood flow will be. This will result in a bigger, harder erection every time.

However, you may wonder what else can be done to boost your erections. After all, you may see endless articles claiming to offer medication or devices that can help improve the quality of your erections.

hydro-penis-pumpCan penis pumps really help?

Yes. There are some water assisted penis pumps available known for their ability to increase the blood flow to the penis. Subsequently, you will experience improved erections, which will lead to better sex.

You may find that some of these pumps increase your sex drive and levels of desire, which can also contribute to a better erection.

If you do decide to try penis pumps, ensure that the pump you purchase is  medically tested.

What else can I do to improve my erection?

As previously outlined, taking care of yourself is the best way to ensure adequate blood flow to your penis. Try to stay active every day and don’t shy away from hitting the gym once in a while.

The exercise will keep the blood flowing functionally, preventing any signs of slowing that may reduce flow to the penis.

A healthy lifestyle combined with high quality water-assited penis pump should be all you need to experience strong erections and the ultimate sexual pleasure.

Which are the best penis pumps?

Even if you’ve made the decision to purchase a penis pump, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice online. There are countless websites offering pumps, so you’ll need to learn exactly how to spot a quality device that will help you achieve the larger, bigger dick you’ve been hoping for.


How to start?

There are two main types of penis pumps available – water assisted and air assisted pumps and it’s important to understand the difference between the two.

Air assisted vacuum devices are highly affordable, easy to use and can be bought both online and in stores. Although they are widely available, not to mention cheap, they’re actually the lesser of the two choices.

Next, you’ll notice the water assisted penis pumps. These are safer to use, a lot more effective, and are recommended by doctors as a treatment for problems relating to erections. Plus, they’re used by professionals, so if it’s good enough for the stars, surely it’s worth a try!

For a medically tested and approved water assisted hydro-pump, you should look at – they offer offer a guaranteed quality product with full backing from medical professionals.

hydromaxWhy are water penis pumps better than air assisted ones?

To put it simply: it’s because of the water!

The water protects you by preventing you from over pumping your dick, which can result in injury.

The water also spreads the suction power of the vacuum evenly along the entire shaft of the penis. This ensures your erection is fuller, stronger and feels as if your penis has truly grown to that size, as opposed to the erection achieved through an air assisted pump which is likely to feel spongy and fake.

power-of-waterYou are also able to use the water pumps as air assisted ones if you’d prefer, however you cannot fill an air assisted one with water which allows you to try both techniques and see which you prefer.

Finally, if you’d like to use your dick pump whilst you’re in the bath, you will be able to practice some penis exercises that can increase the effectiveness of the pump, allowing you to improve your erections and increase your penis in size through regular use.

best-penis-pumpWhat should I look for when choosing a pump?

First you should ensure that your chosen pump has been equipped with a vacuum limiter by the manufacturer. Not all air assisted vacuum devices have been tested and certified as safe, in fact most of the cheaper models on the market don’t have any form of vacuum limiter at all.

However, if you’ve chosen to purchase a hydro pump, you can rest assured knowing that it’s safe as all water pumps are tested before going on the market.

How should I use my penis pump to achieve the best results?

After obtaining your new penis pump, you’re probably excited to get started! Although you may be enthusiastic, it’s important to understand the best way to use it in order to achieve the optimum results.

It is advised that you pump your dick once per day for no more than ten minutes. This can (and should) be done even on days you have no intention of having sex. The best time to use the pump is just before having sex, in order to make the most of your large erection.

If you usually have difficulty getting and maintaining an erection, you may wish to use the pump at the same time every day. This way, you train your brain to drive more blood to the penis at that time of day – for example, at bedtime, when you may wish to initiate sex with your partner.

Overall, penis pumps are an ideal way to enlarge your penis, providing you choose a safe, quality product to achieve the results you deserve.

Can Stretching Increase Your Penis Size?

If you feel like your dick could do with being a little bigger, you may have already looked into the available options for enlargement. Men who are a little on the smaller side often experience feelings of low self-esteem and may have had issues in the bedroom as a result.

While it’s easy to spend hours in front of the computer screen searching for various penis enlargement methods, it’s hard to tell which ones are legit – especially with the number of scam sites offering fake penis pills and ineffective devices! These sites are simply out to get your money and their products are unlikely to offer the penis enlarging effects you’re aiming for.

By understanding the types of penis enlargement methods available and how they work, you’ll be able to purchase a product that will truly offer the benefits you need to boost the size of your penis, helping you feel sexier, more confident and provide improvement to your sex life.

Is it really possible to increase the size of my penis through stretching?

increase-penis-sizeYes, if it’s done the right way!

One of the most commonly used devices is the traditional penis stretcher. This is the only method known to permanently alter the size of your penis. The size is achieved through regular stretching, causing tiny tears in the penis’ tissue, allowing them to heal at the larger size.

penis-stretchingHowever, you’ll need to remember that when done incorrectly, penis stretching can cause pain and even severe injury.

There are also methods that are often suggested that are not as effective or may even have no effect at all!

Can I stretch my dick without any equipment?

Some may say that you can stretch your dick with your hands, yet this will not increase its size no matter how much you try.

SizeGeneticsIs SizeGenetics device effective?

SizeGenetics is an orthopaedic penis stretching device based on the formation of new tissue and cells within the penis upon experiencing mechanical stretching.

Although these devices may show and increase in penis size eventually, it will take up to around three months to notice any difference. There’s no point spending this long trying to reach your goal size the hard way when you could be using a penis pump for faster, more effective results.

What about Penis Pumps?

Using a penis pump will give you immediate results, including a bigger errection, however this will not increase the size of a non-erect dick.

Using a penis pump will allow you to see results quicker and easier than through the use of a penis stretcher. Stretching can be achieved through penis pump usage, but only when the penis is pumped daily.

big-dick-pumpThe process involves the use of vacuum devices that enlarge the overall size of your dick, however these results are not permanent.

As with all methods of penis enlargement, you’ll need to do your research and ensure you stay on the safe side. With penis pumps, there is the risk of over pumping the penis. Many men have tried to increase the power level of their vacuum device, hoping this will result in faster enlargement. This will not work, and may cause side effects. So, take your time and follow the directions for a great experience with a plumper, larger penis.

Personally, I would recommend penis pumps as the ideal choice for most men. Not only are they easy to use, there is minimal risk of damage when used correctly and you’ll notice instant results, allowing you to make the most of your larger erection right away!

penis-srtching-resultWhile you may be disappointed that your new and improved erection isn’t permanent, there’s nothing to stop you using the penis pump to boost your confidence whenever you need to.

Ideally, you’ll pump your dick once per day for 10 minutes or less – even on the days you don’t plan on having sex.

The best time to use a penis pump is just before you have sex, so your erection will be at its best as you get undressed. Using the pump daily for this short period will not result in over pumping.

Last words

Whichever method you choose, ensure you take the process seriously and take care of yourself. Overdoing it could cause unnecessary discomfort or damage to your penis.

When you choose a reliable method and go about the process the correct way, you’ll be sure to achieve the results you desire and will not have wasted your money on anything inferior.

Love, Romance, and Sex

It’s not uncommon for men who are able to get good erections to begin having problems in their relationships as well. Unfortunately, some men choose to blame their partner for their erectile dysfunction instead of working on the true cause and finding solutions. Over time, anger can build up, eventually leading to the end of the relationship. Luckily, you and your partner can work together to help combat the issues that can occur when erection problems are present.

couple-talksKeeping Love Alive

It is very important that you let your partner know that it’s not their fault. Your partner may begin to fear that you no longer find them attractive, or that they’re not meeting your needs in the relationship.

It’s important that you talk to your partner, and assure them that this isn’t the case. Continue to do the small, daily things that show how much you love your partner. This may be something as small as remembering to pick up your laundry, or bringing home flowers for no reason at all.

sex-therapySex therapy may also help you resolve some of the underlying anxiety and resentment that can build when erection problems occur.

As with any relationship issue, open and honest communication is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship. You need to take the time to communicate openly and honestly not only about your erectile dysfunction, but also the steps you are taking to treat the problem.

You should also allow your partner to voice their concerns and needs in order to keep your love healthy and alive.


One way to help keep your relationship healthy in spite of relationship problems is to spend time focusing on romance.

Take your partner on dates, and spend time together nurturing your love for each other. These dates don’t have to be anything complicated or expensive; consider taking a walk around a nearby park, or going on a picnic.

It can even be something as simple as putting your kids to bed early and having a living room picnic/movie night. Anything that helps you relax and spend time in each other’s company can help keep you emotionally close.

The best part about continuing to feed your romance is that it helps to keep both the love and sex life in your relationship healthy.


It is possible to continue having a healthy, fulfilling sex life, even if you’re suffering from erection problems. All it takes is a bit of imagination. Many men with an erection problem find that they can still get and stay hard while masturbating. You can turn this into a couple’s activity through mutual masturbation.

It’s also possible to continue to satisfy your partner’s need for physical intimacy. Non-insertive sex allows for the use of your mouth and tongue, your fingers, sex toys and some imagination to continue having a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

Try not to be anxious during sex. Sometimes, erection issues end up being self-defeating – the more you worry about whether or not you’ll be able to get and maintain an erection during intimacy, the more likely you are to have the very issues you’re worrying about. Try to relax and focus on enjoying this intimate time with your partner.

doctorTreating the Cause

Of course, the best way to ensure that you relationship stays healthy is by treating the erection issue. Talk to your doctor about possible treatments, and do some of your own research as well. There are many prescription medications, over-the-counter supplements, and other products designed to help improve the quantity and quality of your orgasm.

For most men, the solution will be a two- or three-fold solution. First, it’s important to talk to your doctor and rule out any serious medical issues. You may also be able to receive treatment with prescription medication. This, when combined with natural, over-the-counter options such as lifestyle changes and supplementation can result in a complete turn-around of your sex life.

How to Have Stronger Erections

As you age, it’s normal for men to experience a dip in their sexual performance and erection quality. Luckily, there are a number of things that you can do to prevent this. In fact, many men find that by making a few simple lifestyle changes they can not only have stronger, longer-lasting erections, but a more satisfying orgasm as well.

improve-your-health#1 – Exercise Regularly

Keeping a regular exercise routine helps to improve your erections in a number of ways. First, it helps to improve your cardiovascular health. Several recent studies have proven that poor heart health can lead to increased risk for erectile dysfunction (ED). The same is true of having a waistline of more than 34 inches. Exercising regularly helps to improve your heart health, the health of your blood vessels, and reduce your waistline, all of which can improve the quality of your erection.

#2 – Get More Sleep

Sleep is extremely important for your body. When you sleep less than seven hours each night, your body cannot properly regulate the hormones in your body – hormones that help to control your libido and sexual potency. Getting the proper amount of sleep every night ensures that both your sex drive and erection stay strong and healthy.

#3 – Start Strength Training

Strength training helps to improve erection quality by building muscle, which boosts your energy levels and increases testosterone production. This also helps to improve your sex drive and increase your stamina for improved sexual performance. Aerobic training alone cannot do that.

no-alcohol#4 – Skip the Alcohol (and other drugs)

It should be no surprise that using illicit drugs, including marijuana, can cause erection problems. Nicotine, marijuana, and drugs like cocaine cause damage to your blood vessels and restrict blood flow – including to your penis.

Research has also shown that consuming more than one alcoholic beverage per day can have a negative effect on your penis hardness as well.

#5 – Don’t Eat Before Sex

Having sex on an empty stomach can help ensure that your erection is at its best. Eating diverts blood flow to the stomach, so it’s best to avoid eating for at least two hours or so before having sex. Besides this, the energy it takes to digest a larger meal can leave you feeling too tired for sex in the first place.

have-more-sex#6 – Have More Sex

Having sex is something like practice for your body at creating erections. The more sex you have, the stronger your erection will be. This is because having sex increases the body’s production of testosterone, the hormone that regulates your sex drive (improving your libido).

Not only that, but each erection floods the penis with fresh blood that provide nutrients to the penile tissue and testes, and flushing away any toxins.

healthy-diet#7 – Change Your Diet

The typical American diet is high in fatty foods that are full of triglycerides. Unfortunately, higher levels of triglycerides in the body prevent blood vessels from expanding properly, which reduces erection hardness.

One excellent way to avoid foods high in these harmful fats is by switching to the Mediterranean diet. This diet is high in heart-healthy fish, combined with fiber-filled vegetables and fruits.

#8 – Penis Pumping

There are a number of penis pumps out there that can help with erection strength. Though male enhancement pumps have a bad reputation on the Internet, the fact is there are some good products out there. Try to research for physician-backed vacuum devices that focus on improving blood flow and erection hardness.

#9 – Reduce Your Stress

High emotional stress levels can wreak havoc on your body. Not only does feeling stressed out make you less likely to feel in the mood, it also engages your body’s “fight or flight” response. This reduces the responsiveness of your blood vessels, and that’s not good news for your erection size. Try to spend some time each day unwinding with a hobby you like, meditate, exercise, or use other stress-reduction techniques.

Erectile Dysfunction Pump

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction, you may have looked at products available online that could remedy your situation and help you achieve a bigger, harder erection. This can often be confusing, especially with the variety of products on offer – it can be hard to know where to begin!

ed-pumpWhat is an Erectile Dysfunction Pump?

An erectile dysfunction pump is a medical vacuum device designed to help you achieve and maintain hard, healthy erections.

It uses a vacuum in order to draw blood to the penis. While it cannot cure erectile dysfunction, it can drastically improve your sex life by helping you attain an erection to begin with.

air-vs-water-penis-pumpWhat kinds of pump are available?

There are two kinds of penis pump on the market. The first are air assisted pumps that are cheap and easily accessible yet lower in quality.

The other kind are water penis pumps, which are safer, more effective and have even been recommended by health professionals as a treatment for erection-related problems. They are also the preferred choice of professionals, proving their reliability.

Also, a water pump can be used as an air pump but not vice versa, meaning you’re essentially getting both types for the price of one when you purchase a water pump.

Is there anything I should consider when purchasing an ED Pump?

Many cheaper penis pumps are not only poor quality, but also will not have been tested and certified as a safe product. You should also ensure that your penis pump has been fitted with a vacuum limiter in order to prevent potential injury.

hydromax-lab-testedIf you’ve decided to buy a hydro-pump, this won’t be an issue as all high quality water based penis pumps will have been tested during the manufacturing process.

How do I use the pump to ensure a harder erection?

Before using your erectile dysfunction pump, you should take a moment to familiarize yourself with the best way to utilize it, ensuring you’ll be able to combat your erectile dysfunction.

It is recommended you use the pump for around 10 minutes each day, even if you don’t think you’ll be having sex that day. Ideally, you’ll use it just before a sexual encounter, so that your erection will be bigger, harder and ready to go.

Those who are looking to overcome erectile dysfunction are especially recommended to use the penis pump at the same time each day. By sticking to a schedule, your brain will begin to associate the time of day with your erection, effectively training it to drive more blood towards your penis at a certain time, for example just before you usually go to bed.

Even if you hadn’t previously considered using an erectile dysfunction pump, you may now see how ordering one could improve your sex life, boost your self-esteem, and create a confidence in bed that you never knew you had!

By overcoming erectile dysfunction, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy sex, knowing you’ll no longer have to worry about losing your erection.

Can Penis Pills Help You Have Sex More Often?

When most men think of male enhancement or penis pills, the first thing that comes to mind is penis enlargement. However, there is far more to it than just that. Male enhancement is about increasing the quality of your sex life, and helping you have sex more often. As such, there are penis pills devoted to increasing sexual stamina, enhancing orgasmic pleasure, and increasing erection hardness. All of this can lead to better sex, more often.

more-sexHow do penis pills work?

Male enhancement supplements contain ingredients designed to work together to increase the blood flow to the penis. This helps to repair any cellular damage, and encourages cell growth. This can not only help to increase the size of your penis; it also improves your sexual stamina, increases the hardness of your erection, improves orgasm quality and helps to boost your performance. Just as other nutritional supplements help to improve the quality of your workouts and athletic performance, penis pills can help improve the quality of your sex life.

How do penis pills enhance the male orgasm?

Even if your sex life is good, who doesn’t want more powerful and satisfying orgasms? Penis pills can help in a number of ways, depending on their ingredients. Most contain herbal supplements that are known to:

  • Increase the production of testosterone, which helps your body produce more semen
  • Increase sexual vigor
  • Enhance libido
  • Improve and increase blood flow to the penis
  • Increase your energy and focus

All of these effects can help you not only achieve more powerful and satisfying orgasms, many men find that they begin to achieve multiple orgasms as well.

How do penis pills enhance erections?

Male enhancement pills help to enhance erections by improving the overall health of your veins and improving your blood flow. Most enhancement pills contain ingredients that help your body’s nervous system work more efficiently. Not only this, but they can help balance your hormone levels which can help to decrease the physical stress in your body that can inhibit erection.

better-sexDo penis pills really lead to more sex?

Many people feel that better sex is more about quality than quantity. Luckily, one of the best things about sex is that the more sex you have, the better at it you’ll be, and the more sex you and your partner will want to have. By increasing the quality of the sex that you have, penis pills help you to feel more confident in your body and your sex skills, which leads to more sex. By increasing your stamina, penis pills help to make you a better lover, which will make women want you more often.

Of course, there are a few things that you can do to continue to enhance this effect. Taking the time to learn different foreplay techniques, experimenting with sexual positions and even investing in a few sex toys can all help to enhance the benefits that male enhancement pills are already adding to your sex life.


It’s unfortunate that male enhancement pills have so many detractors. Penis pills have a variety of benefits that can not only improve the overall quality of your sex life; they can help improve your overall health as well. Improving your circulation, balancing your hormone levels, and helping to relieve the effects of physical stress on the body are all beneficial in a variety of ways, including for your sex life.

In short: yes, penis pills can lead to better sex, and sex more often. Many men don’t realize that male enhancement isn’t all about increasing penis size and girth – it’s about improving the overall quality of your sex life. By helping you get and maintain an erection more easily, increasing your stamina, helping you achieve better and more powerful orgasms, and improving your libido and energy levels, penis pills can certainly enhance your sex life.



Low Libido in Men – What Works and What Doesn’t

Many men experience a low libido at some point during their lives. Sometimes this is indicative of issues such as erectile dysfunction for example, however it may just as well be attributed to stress, anxiety or other factors of day to day life that may distract your mind from the relaxation of intimacy. It may even be caused by poor self-esteem in the bedroom, which may be solved by increasing your penis’ size or altering its shape.

low-libidoWhat are the options for men with low libidos?

If you’re experiencing a low libido, there’s no reason to worry. There’s a good chance one of the many treatments available for you to purchase will be just what you need to kick-start your libido into action.

There are a wealth of products on the market, so take the time to research each one and come to an informed decision on which method is best suited to your needs.

Herbal Supplements

You may also benefit from the use of herbal supplements, such as Panax Ginseng, however you’ll need to research this option in more depth before committing. While herbal pills can be highly effective, you may find each herb has a different purpose, meaning you’ll have to take a number of different supplements in order to get the desired effect.

You may find it more convenient to simply take a multipurpose penis pill. If you choose an all-natural formula, it’s just as harmless as a herbal supplement, meaning minimal risk yet the potential to achieve far more significant results.

sex-pillsSex Pills

Sex pills are a male enhancement product designed to improve erections and ensure an optimal sexual experience. Due to their content, they are also known to boost libido.

You may have heard negative stories about enhancement pills, however providing you purchase them from a reliable supplier, it’s likely you can find all-natural pills that are guaranteed to have positive effects.

Feeling Good About Your Penis

It’s highly possible that your low libido is caused by low self-esteem. You may worry about the size or shape of your penis, meaning you’ll be more focused on that than actually having sex!

To resolve this issue, you have a number of options regarding the overall appearance of your dick. You may want to try a penis extender to increase its size or a penis pump to give the illusion of a thicker, harder penis.

Penis extenders can also help you straighten a bent penis, which can improve your confidence further. By ensuring you’re comfortable with the way your dick looks and feels, you’ll be able to enjoy sex without the anxiety.

enjoy-sexGet checked out.

Finally, it’s worth seeing a doctor to ensure your low libido isn’t caused by anything more serious. It may not be, however you should always prioritise your health and take the necessary measures to protect your body.

However you decide to target your low libido, you’re making the right choice by taking the first steps to a better, more satisfying sex life.

What Are Erection Pills and What Are They Used for?

You may have found you’re experiencing difficulty building and maintaining an erection. Or, it may be that you’d like to increase the volume of your ejaculations in order to achieve stronger, more intense orgasms. Whatever you reason, erection pills could be the ideal supplement for your needs.

erection-pills-effectWhat Are Erection Pills Used for?

Erection pills, also commonly referred to as penis pills, are pharmaceutical tablets designed to give you a little extra help in the bedroom. They can serve as a treatment for a number of sexual problems or simply give your penis an extra boost for maximum satisfaction.

By taking erection pills, you may experience plumper, harder erections, increased volumes of ejaculation, a significant improvement to your libido and the ability to last longer in bed, which is helpful for those who suffer from premature ejaculation.

What aren’t they used for?

If you’re aiming to increase the size of your penis, for example the length or girth, erection pills aren’t going to do you any favours. Instead, you should look at the wide range of penis extending devices on the market, such as penis stretchers and penis pumps that can help you achieve a larger dick.

Despite this, the reasons listed enough, such as harder erections and an improvement in libido may be enough to convince you to give erection pills a try.

herbal-supplementsWhy should I take erection pills, rather than other pharmaceuticals?

You may have noticed other options on the market, for example creams and lotions that claim to have similar effects to the pills. However, any results achieved through these products will be marginal, leaving you wishing you’d gone for something a little more potent. In fact, many manufacturers have simply given up on marketing these products and are placing all their focus on to effective pill development.

There are also herbs available for sale that can have similar effects to erection pills, however many are ineffective and it can therefore be difficult to differentiate between quality supplements and cheaper imitations. You may also find you need more than one type of herb to notice your desired results, which can be more complicated that simply taking one multipurpose erection pill.

In addition to pharmaceuticals, there are also devices on offer, such as penis pumps. While these may be effective in improving your erections, they are unable to help with issues such as low libido or difficulty achieving an erection.

How do I know what I’m putting into my body?

Are erection pills safe?

Providing you only buy erection pills from quality sources, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing your pills are safe and effective. If you think a store seems shady or too good to be true, they probably are.

If possible, try to order your supplements from a reliable, reputable store. They are likely to offer a satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you are not happy with your purchase or do not see results, you’ll be entitled to a full refund.

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